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Boat Steering Wheel Knob

Navigating the boat in the right position to pick up your crab traps takes effort and skill. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, including wind, current, trap placement and view. A steering wheel knob is essential for maneuvering your boat to pick up traps. No matter what size boat you have, a steering wheel knob will make the captain's job a lot easier.

For one thing, it allows the captain to steer the boat with only one hand on the wheel. That way he/she can have the other hand free for the throttle control or whatever else. The other big benefit is the ease of turning. Even though your crab traps are generally dropped in a line, there are many times when picking up the traps you will have to make hard-to-starboard or hard-to-port turns. Even with two hands it is difficult to turn the wheel fast without your hands slipping or getting caught up, and by that time, you missed the trap.

I never knew how important a steering wheel knob was until I put one on years ago. If you're tired of missing traps because you couldn't get the boat lined up at the right angle, get a steering wheel knob and you're more likely to get the boat where you need it to make for an easy pickup. Make sure the knob you buy is stainless steel to withstand the elements.

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