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Tips for Catching Blue Crabs

These tips are geared towards crabbing from a boat, although many of these tips can also be used when crabbing from a pier. Click below to read more about the various topics. Within each topic you will find valuable information to help you catch more crabs.

Crab Traps

Your crab traps are one of the most important items in your tackle itinerary. You need them to work well and you need them to catch... Read more

Crab Bait

Let's face it, Blue Crabs are scavengers. They will eat anything in front of them. There's always a debate if you ask crabbers which bait... Read more

Attaching Bait to Your Crab Traps

So, what's the best way to attach the bait to your crab traps? There are many ways to do this, however there are two ways that work... Read more

Boat steering wheel knob

Navigating the boat in the right position to pick up your crab traps takes effort and skill. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, including... Read more

How to Crab - Method to Picking up traps

I want to talk about how to crab and the method to picking up your crab traps, or as I like to call it, the flow of the catch. This is a crucial step... Read more

Crabbing Supplies

If you've been out for a day of crabbing, you should have a sense of some of the supplies needed. I'm going to give you a checklist you can use... Read more

Crabbing Tides and Times

Depending in what region you are crabbing will determine if you need to worry about tides or not. My best catches are normally around... Read more

Assessing your Catch - Light vs. Heavy, Dead vs. Alive

While crabbing for blue crabs, you'll want to assess your catch to make sure you are bringing home crabs worth eating. Despite the obvious methods... Read more

Storing Crabs and Keeping Crabs Alive

If you are not able to cook all the crabs you catch when you go crabbing, don't worry, blue crabs can stay alive for days as long as they are kept in the proper environment... Read more

Where to Catch Blue Crabs

If you would like to find out the areas where crabbing is good, check out our friends at In that site you will find regional information where crabbing is good, including Blue Crab hot spots... Read more


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