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Attaching Bait to Your Crab Traps

So, what's the best way to attach the bait to your crab traps? There are many ways to do this, however there are two ways that work best. They are SNOODS and SPRINGS. Forget the rest! I've tried them all, string, zip ties, stringer clips, you name it. Nothing works better or makes changing bait easier and more efficient than the snood or the spring.

Snood and Spring
Snood and Spring - Copyright JP Photo Credit

If I had to choose a favorite way to secure the bait to the crab trap it would be the bungee snood. The snood keeps your crab bait secure. It's designed to hold on to your bait tight so the crab won't get away with it. It's also versatile. The snood can be used with a variety of crab bait in most environments. It's simple to use and simple is KEY here. When you are changing bait on 30 traps on the fly, you need something that is quick and easy. The snood is just that. You don't need any extra hands or tools, just pull the bait out, slip it in the snood and pull it tight. Simple.

Snood - Copyright JP Photo Credit

The only other option I would recommend to attach your crab bait to the trap is a spring. Springs are great. Probably the easiest to get the crab bait in and out of the trap. This makes the spring very efficient when you're on the water. The only issue I have with the spring is that sometimes it is too easy to get the bait out. I've pulled up some traps with springs only to find them completely empty, no crabs, no bait. Although this doesn't happen often, it happens. If you are using springs, make sure they are new and tight and be sure to stretch them tight across the bottom of the crab trap. That way the bait is secured firmly under the spring.

Crab Trap Spring
Crab Trap Spring - Copyright JP Photo Credit

Like I said, forget about the other methods of attaching bait to the traps. They take too much time and require too much effort. The snoods and springs will cut the time it takes to bait your crab traps in half.


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